Careers Curriculum

The careers curriculum is delivered through all subjects.  However there is discrete units on careers within the Futures, Perspectives and Insight programmes.

KS3 Careers Curriculum

A new KS3 Careers Curriculum plan will be published at the end of the 2019/2020 when the “Perspectives” course curriculum plan is complete.

KS4 Careers Curriculum

Impact of careers programme
  • All students leave year 11 with a destination in place.
  • All students have had a meaningful experience of a workplace by the end of year 12.
  • All students have at least one meaningful encounter with an employer every year they are at school.
  • The school keeps systematic records on each pupils’ experiences of career and enterprise activity.
  • All students have at least one individual careers interview and spend a minimum of 10 hours with the careers manager in larger groups through KS4.
  • All students leave school with a CV and interview experience.