Our Spanish curriculum learning journey

Y7 topics

  1. My life - We can get used to Spanish pronunciation and introduce themselves. We can talk about personalities using adjectives and some basic verbs in the present tense. Others contents in this module are family, numbers, alphabet and pets.
  2. My free time - In this module we learn how to give opinions about things we like to do in our spare time, weather and sports. We also learn how to use question words.
  3. My school - We learn how to say what subjects we study using opinions and we can now describe the school using ‘a’, ‘some’ and ‘the’. Along with this we also learn some listening strategies and we are able now to write a longer text about school.
  4. My family and my friends- We can now describe families using possessive adjectives, and also describe appearance saying what other people look like.  
  5. My city - We can now use ‘a’, ‘some’ and ‘many’ to describe our town or village. We can learn how to tell the time, to order in a café and to say what we are going to do at the weekend using the near future

Y8 topics

  1. Holidays - We learn how to talk about a past holiday using the past tense to give a small presentation about a past holiday
  2. Everything about me - we learnt how to say what we use the phone for revising the present tense. We also say what type of music we like giving opinions and using comparatives. He also talk about what we did yesterday using the past tense.
  3. Food - In this module we have an insight into the culture of Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries learning typical foods. We can now explain what we eat in the different meals of the day using negatives and discuss what to buy for a party using the near future.
  4. What do we do? - we introduce the conditional tense to arrange to go out (I would like to…) and we learn some reflexive verbs to discuss getting ready to go out. In this module we also use this/these to talk about clothes.
  5. Summer operation - We discover more about comparatives to talk about a holiday at home. We are now able to talk about holiday activities, asking for directions and to use the imperative.

Y9 topics

  1. We are like that - we talk about things we like using irregular verbs in the present tense; we talk about our week, fils we are going to see using the near future and a past birthday to use the past tense.
  2. Jobs - We start to use more ambitious language, using infinitive structures to say what we have to do in a particular job. We revisit the conditional to say what we would like to do as a job and more practice with the near future to talk about future ambitions. 
  3. Keep fit - We talk about different diet habits using direct objective pronouns. We also talk about an active lifestyle and daily routines using reflexive verbs
  4. Teenagers in action - this module is about children’s rights, fair trade, recycling and world issues. We use more complex structures to express our point of view and we learn how to use the imperfect tense.
  5. An adventure in Madrid - We talk about a treasure hunt using the superlative, comparative and the simple future tense. We spend some time reading authentic Spanish texts to access more challenging texts.

Our Spanish curriculum learning journey


We follow the AQA specification for Modern Foreign Languages. 

Students study all of the following themes on which the assessments are based.

Theme 1  Identity and culture- to include: 1) me, my family and friends 2) technology 3) free time activities 4) customs and festivals

Theme 2  Local, national, international and global areas of interest - to include: 1) home and town 2) social issues 3) global issues 4) travel and tourism

Theme 3  Current and future study and employment - to include: 1) my studies 2) life at school 3) post-16 education 4) jobs, career choices and ambitions

Students will study these themes through the four skills of learning a language:  Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.