Reporting Absence

Let us know if you are unable to attend

If you cannot get into college for any reason, such as illness or travel issues, you must let us know as soon as possible on the day and before your first lesson. You can do this in any of the following ways:

  • Email Pauline Carroll, 6th Form Administrator: 

  • Telephone 01903 778391, leave a voicemail if necessary stating name and reason for absence

  • Via Text Messaging to our Absence Line - 07860054571 - Please state the student's full name and reason for absence clearly, not just 'I am not in today'

  • If you are able, it is courteous to also email teachers to let them know and arrange to catch up on missed work

Attendance Procedures and Expectations
  • If you miss a lesson without giving a reason in advance, your teacher will mark you as 'absent without explanation' and you will be sent a text asking you for the reason for absence. A similar text will be sent to your parent/carer to make them aware that you were marked absent on a register. The text will refer to the specific lesson (period) that you missed. If no reason is given by the following day, from either the student or parent/carer, the mark will be changed to 'unauthorised absence'.

  • If a teacher is unavailable to take a lesson in person, they will set work for you to do in their absence and the register will be coded as 'class cancelled, work set'. We do not normally have cover in place for 6th form lessons as students are considered old enough to complete their work independently without supervision. This can be done in the timetabled classroom, 6th form Study Room or other quiet space in the 6th form. You are free to work at home if more convenient, e.g. if the cancelled lesson is at the beginning or end of your day.

  • We expect you to attend college when you have mild symptoms that can be helped with over-the-counter remedies, such as period pains, hay fever or a headache. 

  • Please provide a letter from your GP to support frequent or long-term absence due to ongoing medical issues.

  • All medical/dental appointments should be booked after college or in school holidays wherever possible. If it is unavoidable to miss lesson(s) for a medical appointment, please provide evidence (e.g. appointment card, appointment text or copy of hospital appointment letter). Students are expected to come into college before and/or after their appointments unless agreed otherwise. Please give us 24 hours’ notice of medical appointments unless it is an emergency.

  • Likewise with a driving test, funeral, job interview or university visit, please notify us in advance and provide evidence where possible. 

  • We will not authorise absence for driving lessons, please book these outside of timetabled commitments.

  • Covid – if you have tested positive for Covid and feel unwell we ask that you stay home for 3 days from the date of the positive test. You can then return to college on day 4 without a negative test providing you feel well enough to attend.

  • If you need time off for competitive events such as sport or performing arts, please complete an absence request form - available from Pauline in the 6th Form Office or on the main school website.  

  • We are unable to authorise holidays in term time; this is in line with West Sussex and government guidance. All exceptional circumstances requests must be submitted with an absence request form available from Pauline or via the school website and requested in advance of the absence. 

  • Any absence not requested correctly will be marked as unauthorised.

  • We take attendance very seriously in 6th form. At the start of the academic year we ask all students to sign a Student Agreement which includes a commitment to maintain attendance of at least 90% (unless there are mitigating circumstances) since this is a key factor in achieving your potential on your courses. We will intervene if we have concerns about your attendance. Tutors are given attendance data regularly so that they can follow up in the first instance. If there is no improvement you may be required to see the Pastoral Coordinator or Head of 6th Form to discuss further. Poor attendance may also mean that you will not be entered for external exams unless you pay for them yourself.