Learning Support

  • a fully functioning Fitness Gym and Physio Suite staffed almost full-time by a Physiotherapist Assistant and a part time Physiotherapist.

  • a Hydrotherapy Pool.

  • an Audiology Team with specialist staff and equipment.

  • a Visually Impaired Team managing the needs of visually impaired students.

  • a specialist team managing the needs of students with Social and Communication Difficulties.

  • a specialist team managing the needs of students with specific learning difficulties, including dyslexia, (though we are not a specialist facility for this area).

  • LSAs trained and experienced at working with a wide variety of students and their disabilities including those with severe physical disabilities requiring management of their care needs.

  • a  Medical Room, with a full-time nurse experienced in managing the complex needs of this large school.

The school is barrier free with electronic doors situated at key locations on the site. The Sixth Form building has a lift to the college coffee bar/common room area, teaching rooms and admin area. Students coming to the college are assessed on the levels of support they require and in discussion with them, a personalised timetable is agreed. This can be modified once the term begins, depending on the student's experience in the first few weeks. All students attend an Induction Day in July and are expected to play a full part in all aspects of the school including:

  • participation in tutor time with their peers

  • participation in extracurricular activities and voluntary work

  • participation in sporting activities where appropriate 

First and foremost, our main focus is to ensure all students achieve their academic potential, and that they receive appropriate support to enable this to happen whilst working towards maximising their highest level of independence. This is in preparation for their next stage in life whether it be further/higher education or employment, ready to take their place in the wider community.