Work Experience

Sixth Form Work Experience

All Year 12 students are encouraged to undertake a week of work experience during the summer term. This should be relevant to the courses they are studying and their future aspirations. Students are given a Work Experience Guide early in the Spring Term which explains how this works, and a copy is available for parents/carers to refer to in the Letters section. 

Our Sixth Form Administrator, Pauline Carroll, co-ordinates the Work Experience programme and is on hand to give advice. 

We have a limited number of contacts with local employers, which is shared with students in the Spring Term. We encourage students not to rely on this list, but it is a good starting point as many of the employers have taken our students in the past. Opportunities are being added to this throughout the year so students should keep checking it. There are also opportunities for virtual work experience or career experience events with larger companies which are listed on our Careers Google Classroom. 

Students feedback:

"My Work Experience placement gave me a good insight into a particular field of Engineering."

"My work placement gave me further knowledge and understanding of different careers that computer science could lead to and gave me some experience in each of these areas."

"I gained a wider understanding of freelance work, how to manage yourself and your clients. It also helped with my photography and industry knowledge."


Main School 


Students who are in Year 10 and Year 11 can undertake targeted work experience. Any student who wishes to do so can contact Mr Bowles (