School Uniform

Daily Uniform All Year Groups

Navy Blue Blazer - Iron On Blazer Badge available from Ricara Schoolwear. Navy Blue V-neck pullover with Angmering School Logo (optional) from Ricara Schoolwear OR plain navy blue v-neck pullover (no labels)

Angmering School Tie, ‘clip on’ or standard available from Ricara Schoolwear. Tailored plain ‘button up’  Shirt or Blouse, white for Y7, 8 and 9 and Sky Blue for Y10 and 11. They must be buttoned up, tucked in and must not be sleeveless.

Black Tailored Trousers, Tailored or Knee Length Tailored Black Shorts. No leggings, jeggings, jogging bottoms or other stretch material trousers will be allowed, nor will jeans.Tartan Skirt supplied by Ricara – (optional) no other skirt allowed. Skirts must not be rolled up or adjusted to make them shorter.

Black shoes that can be polished. Sportswear brands, Flip flops; heels or fabric shoes will  not be allowed.Boots are permitted in winter, but  only black smart boots and  these must also be able to be polished and not from a sportswear brand.Trousers must not be tucked into boots

P.E. Kit

The items listed below are all bespoke and should be purchased from out kit supplier, Ricara. No other alternatives for any garment are permitted to be worn.
Navy/Green T Shirt
Navy/Green Shorts
Navy/Green Skort
Navy/Green Hooded Jumper (optional)
Navy Football Socks for outdoor sports and white socks for indoor sports
Navy Tracksuit Trousers or Sports Leggings – These are optional as an alternative to shorts or skort

Below is some guidance on other equipment that is needed for PE Lessons at The Angmering School:
Trainers (with correct support)
Studded boots for rugby and football but please note these are not permitted on the astro turf
Gum Shield— essential for Hockey and Rugby Union. These are on sale in PE Reception for £2.
Shin Pads are recommended for Football and Hockey

In PE students are required to have their PE kits for every lesson even if they are ill or injured, unless the nature of the injury prevents them from getting changed

Helpful Uniform Tips

All of our uniform is available from RICARA Schoolwear, 3 Arundel Road, Littlehampton. Tel: 01903 723843 but you can purchase what you need from any High Street shop except for the badge for your blazer, skirt, the optional navy v-neck pullover, tie, PE kit only available at Ricara.

Students can wear own coats but they must be removed in class. Hoodies, tracksuit tops, cardigans are not permitted, even when worn in place of a coat.

Blazers are to be worn at all times, including between lessons. It may only be removed if the teacher approves of removal, the students are playing games at break/lunch or the Head teacher deems the weather is too hot.

Ties to be tied correctly

Shoes must be of a reasonable height

Socks to be black or white.

Tights or socks may be worn, but not both.

All tights must be natural coloured or black. Fashion tights or patterned tights are not permitted.

Make-up must be subtle. If it is heavy and obvious, students will be asked to remove it.

One single, or one pair of small stud-earrings only. No other piercings are permitted and students will be asked to remove them if they arrive with any other piercings.

No sweatbands

Small necklaces only, and these are to be tucked-in

Bracelets, bangles, beads, large rings and anklets are NOT allowed

Hair accessories to be navy, black, white, or neutral (hair) colour

Nails must be no longer than two millimetres above the fingertip. No nail polish, fake nails or acrylic nails are allowed.

Hair accessories must be navy, black, white, or neutral (hair) colour – hair slides must be simple and without decoration.

Hair, if coloured, must be a natural colour (ie not red, green, etc)

Belts, if necessary, should be black

Scarves may be any colour but must be removed in lessons

No tattoos

No coloured / black t-shirts under shirts. Plain white vests will be allowed in winter

The Headship Team reserve the right to ban any items considered high fashion.

IMPORTANT:  If your child is out of school uniform, for any reason, they will need a note from you and then they can go to Student Services first thing in the morning to get a  permission card  for missing uniform. Genuine medical reasons require a card signed by a member of the Headship Team.