Our French curriculum learning journey

Y7 topics

  1. Talking about myself - name, age, birthday, where I live, likes & dislikes
    Grammar:  regular & irregular verbs, present tense, adjective agreement
  2. School - opinions, lessons, school in France, food & canteen
    Grammar:  questions, negatives, time, some (partitive article)
  3. Hobbies - Online activities, sport, other hobbies
    Grammar: conjugating verbs, using 2 verbs together, talking about other people
  4. Where I live - places in town, directions
    Grammar:  Formal/informal language, to (à), modal verbs
  5. Holidays - getting ready, drinks & snacks, higher numbers, holiday plans
    Grammar:  2 ways of saying ‘we’, reflexive verbs, future tense

Y8 topics

  1. Free time - TV, films, books, online, outdoor activities
    Grammar: subject pronouns, definite vs indefinite article, ‘faire’, ‘on’ 
  2. Paris - What you can do in Paris, tourist sites
    Grammar:  Modal verbs, question words, perfect tense
  3. Identity - character, friends, music, clothes, weekend activities
    Grammar:  adjective agreement, ‘on’, near future tense, perfect tense
  4. At home - types of homes, describing your home, meals, food
    Grammar:  using 2 tenses together, prepositions, ‘il faut’, near future
  5. Talent - talent & ambition, personality
    Grammar:  modals, infinitives, imperative, adjectives

Y9 topics

  1. Social life - Facebook, opinion of others, arranging to go out, dating, music
    Grammar:  present, near future & perfect tenses, direct object pronouns
  2. Healthy living - parts of the body, sport, healthy eating, getting fit
    Grammar:  ‘à’, ‘il faut’, simple future tense, using 3 tenses together
  3. Careers - jobs, global village, when I was younger …, future plans
    Grammar:  masculine & feminine nouns, modal verbs, imperfect & future tenses
  4. Holidays - types of holiday, packing, describing your holiday, tourist attractions
  5. My world - My rights, my priorities, what I buy, happiness
    Grammar:  ‘avoir’, direct object pronouns, ‘si’ complex sentences


Our French curriculum learning journey


We follow the AQA specification for French 

Students study all of the following themes on which the assessments are based.

Theme 1  Identity and culture- to include: 1) me, my family and friends 2) technology 3) free time activities 4) customs and festivals

Theme 2  Local, national, international and global areas of interest - to include: 1) home and town 2) social issues 3) global issues 4) travel and tourism

Theme 3  Current and future study and employment - to include: 1) my studies 2) life at school 3) post-16 education 4) jobs, career choices and ambitions

Students will study these themes through the four skills of learning a language:  Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.