Sports Day 2023

19 Jul 23

Sports Day took place on the 18th of July and it was an exciting day for everyone. The sun was shining brightly, which made the day even more enjoyable. There were many sporting events that took place throughout the day, including athletics, rounders, netball, football, and more.

The students were all motivated and eager to participate in the various events. They had been practicing for weeks, and it showed in their performances.

The ice cream van was a real treat on such a hot day, and everyone enjoyed a refreshing ice cream break in between events. The teachers and staff even participated in a relay race, which was great fun for all involved. The athletics events were a highlight of the day, with some outstanding performances from the students. The sprint races were all fiercely contested, and the winners were cheered on by their friends. T

he rounders and football matches were also very competitive, and the students showed great sportsmanship throughout the day. The netball matches were fast-paced and exciting, with some fantastic team play on display. Overall, Sports Day was a huge success, and everyone had a great time.

The students showed great determination and sportsmanship, and the teachers and staff were proud of their achievements. It was a day to remember, and everyone was looking forward to the next one.