Two Incredible Angmering School Teachers Complete The Brighton Marathon, Raise Funds for the LNC

Two of our incredible teachers, Mrs
Sykes and Mrs Searle, have achieved an outstanding
feat by completing the Brighton Marathon. Their goal
was to raise funds for the Lavinia Norfolk Centre, and
they have done an amazing job.

Mrs Searle, who put up a fantastic performance,
completed the marathon in an impressive time of 4:24:
57! She pushed herself to the limit and didn't give up,
and her determination paid off. She has shown that
with hard work and dedication, anything is achievable.

Mrs Sykes, who ran alongside Mrs Searle, also
deserves recognition for her hard work and
perseverance. It was no easy feat, but she completed
the marathon with an excellent time of 4:51:53. Her
achievement is a testament to her hard work and
dedication to the cause.

The Brighton Marathon is a grueling 26.2-mile race,
and both women have shown incredible strength and
endurance. Their efforts have helped raise funds for
the Lavinia Norfolk Centre, a facility that provides
support for children with disabilities.

We want to express our gratitude to Mrs Sykes and Mrs
Searle for their inspiring efforts in completing the
Brighton Marathon and raising funds for the Lavinia
Norfolk Centre. We encourage others to follow their
lead and support this worthy cause. Donations can still
be made via the following link :