The Dare to Dream Journey

2 Nov 23

Year 9 students at The Angmering School were recently visited by Jack the Lad of Heart FM and More Radio Fame, along with mentors from Legal and General. The event was sponsored by Legal and General, and five of its employees mentored a group of Year 9 students. Jack addressed all the students, talking about "The Dare to Dream Journey," a program that will challenge the students' thinking about themselves, their futures, and their place in the world. The program aims to provide students with the experience and tools to help them fulfill their potential. Jack and the mentors used their life experiences and extensive knowledge to motivate all Year 9 students. The students found the event inspiring, and one of them said that Jack helped them to look at themselves and made them think about being kinder to people. The program continues with "The Skills" and "The Ultimate Goal" in December and January.