Year 7 Arundel Castle and Wetlands Trip

6 Jul 23

On Tuesday 4th July, our year 7 students had the amazing opportunity to visit Arundel Castle and the Arundel Wetlands Centre. It was an excellent day out that provided a unique experience for our pupils. At Arundel Castle, they were able to get hands-on with the History they have studied over the course of the year. They had a guided tour of the Castle by a specialist educator and experienced first hand what life was like in one of William I’s oldest castles. It was an unforgettable experience for our students as they learnt about the rich history of the castle. At the Wetlands Centre, our students took part in a plastic pollution workshop, which was a great way to reinforce the learning they have had in their geography lessons. They also tried pond dipping, which was a fun and interactive way to learn about the ecosystem of the wetlands. It was an excellent day out that provided a unique and valuable learning experience for our students.