Shaun the Sheep Art Trail

The Angmering School has been involved in this year's Shaun the Sheep by the sea art trail which will feature in Brighton in October and November. As a school we have been given 2 "Shauns" to paint in the style of various artists. Out of 400 sketches we made a difficult decision to choose the final 50. The first winner to be announced has been chosen by the art department, the winner was Sophie Foxhall in year 9 with her "Kandinsky Shaun". Sophie was asked to choose 2 friends to help her paint her Shaun who has been named Vassily after Vassily Kandinsky himself who Sophie took inspiration from for her design.

The art trail is raising money for Martlets hospice, our second winner will be announced soon and The Angmering School will have two Shaun the Sheep statues on the trail!