School Values

Our core school values are Ambition, Respect and Courage. We embody these every day through our teaching and learning, extra-curricular activities and pastoral program. Importantly, we understand that the best investment we can make in a child is to support them towards amazing exam results – giving them greater choice and opportunity in the future.

What does each value mean for students and staff?


We encourage all students and staff to have big dreams and to believe that through hard work and positivity they can achieve anything. For students this may focus on great exam results but it is equally likely to involve ambitions in the creative arts, performing arts or in the world of sport. By valuing the ambition of every person we are providing the building blocks for future greatness.


We recognise that change can be hard and that life in a busy secondary school has many challenges. We value courage because we know that it takes courage to do the right thing, stand by your principles or try something new. From joining your first club to taking your last exam, courage is needed at every stage. Fortune favours the brave and we value staff and students who have the courage to step out of their comfort zones in the name of greatness.


We value respect because success in life is often forged on strong relationships with others. We encourage staff and students to have the utmost respect for themselves, knowing that they are valued and important people. Furthermore we value respect for others, for their similarities and their differences. Respect for oneself and others is an important part of being successful in school and in life beyond school.