Y11 and Y13 Library books

Year 11 and 13 students please drop all textbooks and library books 

  • Into boxes outside Reception 
  • On Tuesday 7th, Wednesday 8th or Thursday 9th July
  • Between the following specific times 9.30 – 10.30 OR 12.30 – 1.30

Please maintain social distancing whilst on our school site.

Which books have I borrowed from the school?


1) I don’t know which books I need to return. Check your school email account for a message from the Librarians on how to find out using the new library web app.

2) I have some school books which I didn’t receive via the Library. If in doubt – bring them in anyway. The Librarians will make sure everything is returned to the right person. Make sure your name is pencilled inside.

3) I can’t manage to return my books on those set days / times. Email and they will  work out how to help you.

4) I have books I would like to renew for a further year. Email the Librarians.

5) I am already in school for lessons. Can I return books directly to the Library? From Tuesday 7th July, there will be a box for returns at the double doors to the south of the library. Please access via the area where Student Services used to be until a year ago.

6) Will I be sent a bill if I don’t return some of my books? Yes. But we’d rather have the books back than charge you any money. Please make every effort to find and return them.

7) I borrowed a book via the library but I gave it back to my teacher. Please ask your teacher to email the librarians to confirm that this happened.

8) What about students in other year groups? Their books are renewed until September, so they don’t need to come onsite to return them at the moment.