So what’s it like being a Year 7 pupil at The Angmering School?

This past week, a small selection of Year 7 pupils were asked about the start to the school year.  The overall picture has been one of content pupils, feeling secure and stretched in their new environment.  Some pointed to minor challenges in their daily school experience, though felt they could speak to someone who could help resolve this issue.

The overall revealed their impression of friendly staff, being able to make friends easily and enjoying the challenge of new subjects.

The Teachers and New Subjects

Whilst admitting that some teachers were ‘strict’, Jack Barnard told me that ‘most were really kind’.  Many contributions said that lessons were ’fun’ with one saying the ‘school had so many great teachers’.

Kellen commented ‘I am enjoying all of the new subjects’, with Bradley Bullimore hoping he can become ‘an “A” grade student’.  Alfie said he had ‘been challenged to the max’.

Some pupils commented on individual subjects – Lottie liking ‘Design’ and Tamzin ‘English’

The School

‘Huge’ was often a word ascribed to the size of the campus compared to Primary School, with many commenting on the excitement about being able to use specialist classrooms and equipment. Kellen commented he enjoyed ‘moving around and finding my way around the school’.

The First Day/Making Friends

Naturally, many pupils focussed on first impressions and then their ability to find and make friends.  Alfie describing the first day as ‘stunning’ with Tristan saying he quickly ‘got to make new friends’.

Some pupils described the older pupils as ‘scary’ on first impressions, but upon meeting them finding they were ‘helpful’ or ‘friendly’.

Bradley Bullimore said he had been ‘welcomed with open arms’ with Kellen adding he liked the idea of ‘credits’.

Head of Year

In response, Shaun Smith, Head of Year 7 has spoken of how settling this current yeargroup in has been a moment of ‘pride’.  He added, ‘There is always that concern about how they will do, how they will manage, will they make new friends, will they cope with all the lessons and most importantly, will they be happy. Nearly all are now at that stage where they feel comfortable to come to school’.

This year’s motto is ‘Try your best and be kind’.