U19 Lord Taverners Boccia Regional

I think our desire for a nice dinner consumed our thoughts and we forgot the main reason we were at Surrey Sports Park, which was actually to win our regional round.  Having narrowly made it through the County rounds as our fellow Angmering teams put up a very strong fight, we knew we needed to focus to guarantee our place at the National final.

So to the first game against Treloar, (Hampshire) which we knew would be the hardest. We started well by getting to be blue which was our preference. However an average Jack ball first ball seemed to stump us. We were not able to clear it out of the way effectively or even get closer. We used all our balls and in truth created nothing but an average defence. Luckily it was enough for the Treloar captain to opt not to play on and they took and 1-0 lead. Second end and our jack, Sam took it on but unfortunately played his blue behind leaving and easy lay up for red.  Again it was an average shot but as a complete copy  of the first end and we couldn’t capitalise. We got lucky again and the  captain opted to take one, so third end and the first red was poor.  A great hot from us took control of the end and it looked as if the momentum was shifting in our direction, all reds bowled out and  we had 5 blues to capitalise but we clearly decided to make our lives tricky and play intricate shots that we didn’t pull off. So into the final end 2-1 down and in the pursuit of a win we made a sub and Louis came on to try to save the day, He played the jack and a decent first ball and that was enough to control the end and dominate so we stole the victory and recorded win one by the skin of our teeth!

Onto game two and we started with Louis who got the conversation going and confidence increased and this shone through our performance.  Everyone played with more accuracy and Josh played the shot of the tournament with a beautiful in off – not sure it was planned but it was still a fantastic shot! We won comfortably and took this confidence and improved performance into the final game and met  the second Valance team. We had much more control which left us confident to make the right choices. A much better afternoon performance saw us take three wins from three and see us progress through as regional winners to represent the South East in the National Final- also a chance to defend our title. Bring on Sheffield- maybe more focus on boccia rather than dinner! Well done Louis, Max, Sam and Josh- regional Champions!

Miss Webb