Weekly Maths Challenge 20

How did you get on with our Maths Challenge 19 and the Valentine’s Maths Challenge?  The answers are  below.  Why not try  Maths Challenge 20?

Challenge Responses

An excellent set of responses to this weeks’ question. Congratulations to 11LN who were randomly drawn as the ‘winners’ of this half-term. look out for the next question  after half-term.

Weekly Maths Challenge 19

How did you get on with our Maths Challenge 18?  The answer is below.  Why not try  Maths Challenge 19?

National Cipher Challenge

Congratulations to Flynn Hickey 11CN, Adam Woodard 11LN  and Arran Collis  11KN  for coming 30th in the National Cipher Challenge run by Southampton University.  Approximately 1,500 teams entered with the goal of solving a number of complex codes and ciphers during the autumn term.  As a result of our excellent final standing we will be […]