Rock Challenge

Congratulations to our incredible Rock Challenge team who were placed 1st at the Hawth Crawley on the 26th February, with their piece ‘Perfectly Peculiar’. The dance was based on the novel ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’ and explored the journey that the character Jake goes on as he finds a series of ‘Peculiar’ photographs […]

Rock Challenge News

Congratulations to our Rock Challenge team that competed at the Southern Open Final on Friday 27th April, with their piece ‘Dark Side of the Rainbow’. The students were outstanding and conducted themselves with professionalism and integrity throughout the day – they were a real credit to the school. Our Stage Crew and Technical Teams had […]

WHOLE School Challenge

WHOLE School challenge set by the Rights Respecting Schools Ambassadors – We would like students to create a postcard for staff and students to use here at school when someone has used an article in lesson or someone has up held your rights! You will need to include the RRSA logo,The school logo, the words […]

Rock Challenge

The Angmering School Rock Challenge team competed in Rock Challenge at the Hawth Crawley with their piece ‘Dark Side of the Rainbow’. The piece explored the story behind the making of the iconic film ‘The Wizard of Oz’, including the original Tin Man’s allergic reaction to the aluminium body paint, the Wicked Witch becoming badly […]

The Rock Challenge Southern Open Final

We were delighted to have qualified for the Rock Challenge Southern Open final with our piece ‘Snow’ and the students worked incredibly hard to get their piece ready for the performance. We had an extremely enjoyable day and for us Rock Challenge is all about the whole experience, as opposed to the final outcome. We […]