Modern Foreign Languages

The Modern Foreign Languages department at Angmering is a successful area of the school and students make good progress.

The department consists of  Miss Gittus, (Head of MFL), Miss Mott (2nd in department),  Mrs Fleming, Mrs Hollender and Mrs Rigby.  We are supported by Mrs Bentley, our resource assistant.  Every member of the department is a qualified language specialist and has a wealth of experience in teaching at all levels from KS3 to A-Level.  Several members are specialists in more than one foreign language.

During Key Stage 3, students study two languages from French, German or Spanish.  They start both languages in year 7, and have 3 lessons of each language per fortnight (6 in total for MFL).  (Current year 9s only study French and German)

Lessons are taught in a way that involves lots of different activities to incorporate the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.  We try to follow similar activities in lessons, which mirror tasks required for GCSE.

In German we follow the “Stimmt” course, in French “Studio” and in Spanish “Viva”.  Lessons are a mixture of role plays, surveys, songs, games, project work, video clips and ICT amongst other things.

All of our courses cover interesting topics and are adapted to meet the needs of individual students.  The modern foreign languages faculty is well-equipped with interactive whiteboards in every classroom, and we have a set of ipads within the department for student use.

We subscribe to online language learning websites to support work in lessons, and students are able to use these at home too.

Students enjoy languages in Key stage 3 and as a result we have a good uptake at KS4.

The MFL department strongly believe in the relevance and importance of learning a foreign language.  We strive to deliver high quality lessons that give your child the opportunity to enjoy and be successful in learning languages.