Computing and ICT

Computing and ICT are innovative and constantly evolving subjects.


In line with the national curriculum, we have added exciting elements of computer programming and new technologies to KS3 courses.

The Angmering School has embraced the use of ICT across all subject areas, with teachers making use of interactive whiteboards and iPads to make lessons even more engaging and interactive.

In Years 7, 8 and 9 students have two Computing lessons a fortnight. Students cover a wide range of topics including e-safety, web design, Scratch animation, python programming, app design, spreadsheets, video and photo creation/editing.

During Computing lessons, students develop skills that are relevant to all aspects of learning, such as how to do online research, judge the reliability of sources, present information effectively and  work independently.

Students use the latest technology and professional software to complete units of work which can be tailored to the interests of the group.

Mr Cosby offers a lunchtime club for students where they can develop their computer programming skills.

We aim to enable all students to be enthusiastic, safe and confident users of technology, ready to meet the challenges of our increasingly digital world.