The English Department at Angmering will help you gain a sophisticated understanding of how language works.

You will be able to use a range of styles for a variety of audiences and express yourself with confidence both in spoken and written work. We offer a range of literature to encourage a passion for poetry, prose and drama. You will explore literary texts of different types and periods, understanding how writers express their thoughts and feelings. From famous authors of the past to present, there is something to interest everyone.

At KS3, expect to cover autobiographical writing from Dickens to Dahl; analyse non-fiction texts based on the theme of survival; explore the world of the dystopian novel. You will cover three Shakespeare plays and a range of poetry and modern drama revolving round the theme of war.You may be asked to speak as President or convince your class to give you the last seat on the life-raft.

The GCSE course is as broad in content and develops your skills of analysis and your ability to write accurately and with flair in a range of situations. Students cover both Language and Literature skills, with many staying on to study further at A level.

The English Department is accessible, supportive and will help you achieve your best. From the booster sessions, intervention work and lunchtime help when you need support to the debating club, creative writing and reading groups for when you need a challenge, English at Angmering is a place where everyone can succeed.