“Drama is a unique tool to explore and express human feeling…”

At The Angmering School Drama is delivered and well received by students as they are challenged to open their mind creatively, socially and morally.

Students work on confidence, speaking and listening skills, presentation skills, team work, evaluative, creative and performance skills. We offer extra-curricular activities and students have the opportunity to participate in a Drama club lunch times or after school. We also have auditioned groups including our highly successful Performing Arts Group. Our students are passionate and enthusiastic about their work consistently raising expectations of both themselves and staff. We offer a number of Theatre trips throughout the year, including trips to the West End as well as the experience of working with professional actors and practitioners.

We provide students with the skills and training to pursue a career in drama. Students at KS3 make significant progress. GCSE students are offered a choice to complete GCSE Drama or GCSE Performing Arts or both, A level students are offered A level Drama and Theatre Studies and will be offered BTec Performing Arts commencing 2014. Frequent school productions from GCSE exam evenings, KS3 studio plays to full scale all singing and all dancing Musicals such as Grease are all produced with immense success and received well by sufficient audiences. KS3 drama students receive 2 hours of drama fortnightly, GCSE 5 hours and A level 8-9 hours. Often rehearsals run after school in a comfortable and creative environment.