During Key Stage 4 core PE students are given the opportunity to study a pathway in PE that allows them to develop skills in creativity, performance or sports leadership.

The current timetable allocation for Key Stage 4 is;

• Year 10 – 2 periods per fortnight
• Year 11 – 2 periods per fortnight

All students will be taught alongside the National Curriculum for key stage 4 apart from the students that have opted for the Level 1 Sports Leadership accredited course over the two years.

Students selecting the creativity pathway will develop skills in activities such as Gymnastics, Trampolining, Dance and Fitness.

Students selecting the performance pathway will develop skills in activities such as Football, Hockey, Badminton, Basketball, Tennis, and Cricket; amongst others.

Both pathways offer students that have selected to take a PE related course, within their option choices, the ability to develop their skill base in sports that they are learning within that programme. Theory content can also be transferred to their studies as a result of our philosophy on developing health related knowledge while being active.
Students that have selected the Level 1 Sports Leadership pathway will follow a programme covering a range of topics related to sports leadership, safety, health and fitness.

They will also become a vital part of the PE department when demonstrating skills they have learned through volunteering during extracurricular school sport.

Units covered:
Unit 1 – Plan, lead and review an activity
Unit 2 – Developing leadership skills
Unit 3 – Lead activities that promote a healthy lifestyle
Unit 4 – Fair play in sport
Unit 5 – The role of the official
Unit 6 – Opportunities in sport and recreation.