Global Learning Difficulties

Global Learning Difficulties is a very wide term that refers to students who struggle with most aspects of their learning.


They may present as having:

  • Very considerable difficulties in reading and writing and numeracy skills.
  • Very considerable differences in their level of social communication skills. Sometimes there are attendant differences in level of maturity, independence skills and speed at which a task is completed.

Often such students will be working at levels P, 1 or 2 and will not have undertaken the S.A.T tests in their primary school at the end of Yr 6.

As for any student, a student’s strengths and weaknesses are assessed and where appropriate, resources in terms of support and intervention are deployed to enable them to participate as fully as possible in all areas of school life. We acknowledge that students with such difficulties will find aspects of their school work very challenging. The Learning Support Department works very hard with classroom teachers to ensure each student’s curriculum is appropriate and personalised to meet each student’s specific needs. All are included in extracurricular activities including trips. Strong links with supportive parents result in partnerships that support the student in their journey through school.


Intervention at KS3 in English and Maths is available for students who have been identified as requiring additional work in either of these key areas.

Students with Down Syndrome

Since 2008 the school has managed the learning needs of a small number of students with Down Syndrome. Led by Mrs Sam Tonks, our specialist leader in this area, a group of LSAs work more specifically to ensure these students are well integrated and receive an appropriate and personalised curriculum.

Excellent communication links with parents ensure learning is both challenging and appropriate with over 60% of learning taking place within a mainstream setting. This area is well resourced with its own classroom and range of visual and kinaesthetic resources. Additionally the school has created a Vocational Pathway at Year 10. Good links exist with Oak Grove College. Staff share good practice, working with classroom teachers to ensure their awareness remains at an optimum level.