Social, Emotional and Mental Health

Students with Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties include those that struggle in the mainstream environment because of behavioural difficulties, anxieties or external factors. SEMH students are managed by a specialist leader.

The Support 2 Learn Room is a facility for students who have been identified as needing to reduce their access to their mainstream lessons for a temporary period of time.  Work in the Support 2 Learn Room focuses on each student’s emotional and social development. Access to this facility is through discussion with students, parents, class tutor, year team leader and specialist leader.  The focus is on supporting a student’s re-integration into their lessons and developing their emotional resilience.

The school also has a school counsellor for students that wish to access this service.

Further support is also provided for these students by their Year Team Leader and the Headship Team.

Additionally, the school has a full-time school nurse who supports the wellbeing of all students in the school.  Also within the First Aid room there is a sensory room where students with anxieties, may, following consultation with key staff, access.  This is named “Rachel’s Room” in memory of a prominent donor.