Autism & Social Communication Difficulties

The ASC Team currently supports and monitors over 60 students with an Autism Spectrum Condition or Social Communication Difficulties.


  • Quiet Area – for time-out or in times of high anxiety/stress which always has a member of staff present
  • Social Use of Language Programme in Year 8 & 9
  • Key/life Skills Programme in Year 10/11/12 & 13
  • Speech and Language Therapist
  • 1:1 Intervention sessions
  • Structured break and lunch-times with a variety of activities
  • Mentoring
  • Close liaison with parents
  • Carefully tailored transition programmes

A range of support is given in lessons from 1:1 to shared/’hover’ support, depending on the needs of the student. Some students attend small groups in Maths, English or Literacy  lessons within the LNC depending on their skills levels. As this is such a diverse group, the Team get to know the students individually and, with advice from previous schools and parents, provide a personalised level of provision that is appropriate to meet each student’s needs.

The ASC/SCD Team comprises 5 Learning Support staff. The school has also invested in training via Birmingham University for four members of staff, two at Degree level and two at MA level. With this level of experience and expertise the team are able to provide an unrivalled quality of provision.

The school holds the Autism Aware Award from West Sussex County Council.