The school’s central ethos is that every student realises their potential.


The school is totally committed to inclusion, Ofsted 2013 noted “The development of empathy and a commitment to total equality of opportunity are principles which lie at the heart of the school”. We recognise that each child is unique and deserves every opportunity to develop in a learning environment that promotes confidence, well being and support for each student as they strive to be as independent as possible, ready to make their contribution to the adult world.

That this philosophy of inclusion is more than just words, is evident to any visitor as they see the diverse range of students at The Angmering School. Each student’s needs are assessed and appropriately supported by the Learning Support Dept, of which The Lavinia Norfolk Centre, plays a key role. All teachers are aware of their responsibility to meet the needs of every student in their class, and are supported in achieving this level of personalisation by the Learning Support Dept. Students work and achieve at different rates and the school recognises and rewards effort as well as achievement.

The Angmering School is largely barrier free. Automatic doors have been fitted in key locations, Soundfield Systems in many classrooms enhance the aural experience and variable height tables are in situ in many classrooms.

The school has a first class Medical Team, led by a full time school nurse, who manage many complex needs and conditions. Learning Support Assistants are managed by the SENCO who is also Head of the LNC, and are directed to support students from year 7 to year 13. The standard of this support has been judged by Ofsted to be outstanding in the past three inspections. In 2013 Ofsted said “The Lavinia Norfolk Centre is a source of Inspiration to all students. Its impact upon the development of spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is excellent”.

The promotion of best practice is constant and the school’s support teams work tirelessly with parents, students and other professionals to manage an ever increasing range of learning needs and challenges. Meetings to review practice and student progress are frequent and communication between the Learning Support Dept. and all teachers is good. The school is reflective of its practices, policies and actions, is accountable to Governors who play a key role in the school, and to the students themselves who have an important voice in their own education. Whilst we are justifiably proud of our level of experience, expertise and achievements, top quality provision is a journey, not an end in itself. Parents play a key role in this journey and the staff work hard to ensure positive relationships between, student, parent/carers and staff are maintained and fully focused upon achieving the best outcomes possible for the student.