Trips and Visits

The Learning Outside the Classroom Manifesto (DfES 2006) defines learning outside the classroom (LOtC) as teaching and learning in places other than a classroom. Often these are memorable learning experiences in ‘real’ situations that raise achievement in subject areas and develop better personal and social skills (Ofsted 2006).

Angmering School provides many opportunities for its students to enrich and enhance their on-site learning through use of LOtC.  This encompasses residential activities some of which are overseas, environmental studies, sporting fixtures, performing arts performances, cultural activities, business visits, educational conferences and adventurous activities. Access to trips and visits should be open to all students with the school making appropriate arrangement to support students with special needs and removing any potential barriers.

The value of off-site educational visits is well recognised by the Governing Body and fully supported throughout the school.  It is emphasised that a culture of safety must prevail and there is a need for careful planning and adherence to statutory procedures.  The Trip Leader is responsible for identifying the purpose of the visit, which should be an integrated element of the curriculum, and following national, Local Authority and school guidelines for off-site visits. It is vital that students are actively involved in the risk management and learn to understand and manage the risks that are a normal part of life. The Trip Leader should evaluate and report on the impact of learning outside the classroom during these visits and trips.

Trip leaders who wish to organise a trip will seek approval for trips and visits in as far in advance as possible. A trip proposal will need to be approved by the Governing Body and from the Local Authority for trips that are residential, abroad or adventurous. Parents/ carers will be informed about trips and written consent/ medical details may be sought for students.  Consent for routine/ local visits may be gained from the Routine Trips Consent Form which parents/carers sign at the start of the year.