Online safety

Keeping our children safe in their use of social media and online behaviour

In their 2017 report, Ofcom found that 74% of 12-15-year olds have a social media profile and that 99% of this age group go online for around 21 hours per week. The recent NSPCC annual report also raised concerns.

As a school we want young people to use social media and be online in as safe a way as possible. There are times within the curriculum, assemblies and START where we do discuss this.


Resources for Parents and Carers –

There are a number of excellent resources available for parents when they may need to speak to their child about social media or online activity:

Sharing Safely on Social Media

Your guide to the social networks your children use


Helpful  links  due to national trends in young people’s behaviour –

Live streaming

Inappropriate selfies

Digital footprint


This website contains articles and guidance on all aspects of child internet safety:

Families can also use the website to access the CEOP Safety Centre where they can report abuse and exploitation direct to CEOP or click here