The Angmering Locality Group of Schools

We are very lucky to be part of the Angmering Locality of Schools with our neighbouring primary schools.

Our agreed vision is that all children will achieve their full potential in all aspects of school life and will gain a sense of belonging to our family group of schools.

We are always looking for ways of working together to improve the achievement of all of our students through:

  • Joint workshops i.e. Peer Mediation, School Councillors, Gifted and Talented days.
  • Joint communiqués and press releases to the press e.g. joint attendance leaflet.
  • Our excellent relationships between all our schools (at all levels).
  • An extensive range of sporting, cultural and arts activities for all our pupils.

The Angmering School PE department works closely with our family group of primary schools to develop and promote high quality PE and school sport.


The Angmering Cluster Group comprises of a family of schools that includes:
Clapham & Patching CofE Primary School
East Preston Infant School
East Preston Junior School
Ferring CofE Primary School
Georgian Gardens Community Primary School
St. John the Baptist C0fE Primary School
St. Margaret’s CE Primary School
St. Wilfrid’s Catholic Primary School

This includes curriculum support in lessons for staff, providing PE and Sport INSET and the organisation & facilitation of frequent intra and inter-school sports competitions.

The family group has its own sporting website which includes information on fixture and festival dates, results and match reports, staff INSET and how the PE / Sport premium is being used. Follow the link below: