Inter-Dance 2019

Inter-Dance 2019 was a huge success with the wonderful Year 7 cohort. The judges had a really tough decision to make, awarding each group an area of excellent including best choreography and most original concept. A huge thank you to Adam Sayers who was on Lighting and Sound and the Year 10 mentors were absolutely phenomenal in assisting their group and were extremely proud of the hard work and effort that the students made. A big well done to:

  • Emilie and Emma
  • Alivia and Makira
  • Daisy and Jess
  • Chloe and Abbie
  • Tara, Katie and Maryann
  • Louise and Jenna
  • Jack and Becca
  • Ellie and Jordon
  • Finn and Amari

The winning group was 7a/Dc5 whos dance was about Toy Story, this piece was a take on toy story that shows the development of a friendship between a group of toys. At the beginning of this dance it showed ‘Jessie’ sitting alone, because she’s new toy to Andy’s collection, however the other toys were quick to welcome her in and make her feel included.

Thank you to all the staff involved and to the parents who supported the event! Looking forward to next year in our new and sparkly space.