Year 8

Sapphire Badge Winner for Y8

Congratulations to Harvey Newton-Bone 8JSZ, who has just received his Sapphire badge for reading an amazing total of 10 million words since joining the school. Well done Harvey! We are very proud of you.  

Y8 Assembly  with Willmott Dixon and Arun District Council

What a fantastic assembly with Willmott Dixon and Arun District Council  for Year 8.  Littlehampton Leisure Centre will soon be demolished when the new centre is complete. Willmott Dixon Construction and Arun District Council set Year 8 students the task of generating and presenting a plan for the area where Littlehampton leisure centre currently stands. […]

Technology in Year 9

An email has been sent to Y8 parents re Technology in Y9. To Year 8 students asking for option choices 2018

Y8s Presenting their Poetry Projects

In small groups, as part of their poetry unit, students were given a different poetic form, (epic, sonnet, free verse, Limerick etc), which they had to research and then teach to their peers. Each presentation required a do now, lesson objective, reading and writing task and an information sheet for everyone. Those we saw this […]

Y8 Arts Options

A letter has been emailed home to all Y8 parents to inform them of the arrangements for Arts subjects provision for students  next academic year. Year 8 ARTS OPTIONS letter 2018-19