Artwork Of The Week

Artwork Of The Week #14

‘Relativity’ Take a look at this GIF which animates the graphic artwork called ‘Metamorphosis I’ made by M.C.Escher. Escher made incredible images such as ‘Ascending and Descending’ as well as a series of works where objects are transformed many times over.

Artwork Of The Week #13

‘Loving Vincent’ is an upcoming film that will be the world’s first fully painted animation feature film. It tells the story of painter Vincent van Gogh. Each of the film’s 62,450 frames is an oil painting on canvas using the same technique as Van Gogh, created by a team of 85 painters. Follow the link […]

Artwork Of The Week #12

Hans Holbein the Younger ‘The Ambassadors’ (1533) ‘The Ambassadors’ was created in the Tudor Period in the same year Elizabeth I was born. As well as being a double portrait, the painting contains a still life of several detailed paintings of objects. It is part of the collection at the National Gallery in London. The […]

Artwork of the Week #11

The Starry Night (1889) Vincent van Gogh In 1889, inspired by a famous astronomical drawing that had been circulating in Europe for four decades, Vincent van Gogh painted ‘The Starry Night’. He created the painting while staying at the asylum into which he had voluntarily checked himself after mutilating his own ear. This short animation […]