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Online Independent Learning

There are many useful and engaging websites where you can practise French, German and Spanish. Here are some that we think help students to improve their progress:

www.linguascope.com There are lots of games to play on this site and students can access the Beginner level or the Intermediate level. The school subscribes to this website so students should type the username: angmering  and then ask their teacher for the password. 

www.memrise.com This is a really good site for learning vocabulary. We recommend that students follow the link that their teacher shares with them as this will enable them to join the online class and compete on the Leaderboard with their classmates. The teacher will also put appropriate tasks onto the group.

www.languagesonline.com Languagesonline is another useful website where there are lots of different activities for students to try. It is especially good for practising grammar.

www.duolingo.com   - this is a website or an app you can download. It is a fun way of language learning that encourages a little and often approach, as you are rewarded for doing a small amount everyday.

www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize This is a great website for KS3 and 4. There are video clips to watch to practise your listening skills as well as reading and writing tasks.


www.zut.org.uk    This is free to use after 4 pm.

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