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Meet the Team

Ms. Kelly is Subject Lead of the History Department and has been teaching at The Angmering School for over ten years. Her degree specialised in International Politics with a focus on the Cambodian genocide and Nazi Germany. Ms. Kelly’s areas of interest include 20th Century History with a focus on the Cold War and China’s fall to communism. Ms. Kelly’s least favourite dinner guests would include Oliver Cromwell, Kylie Jenner and Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Miss Brown is our KS3 lead in the History department. She studied History at the University of Sussex, writing her dissertation on the role of women in the Northern Irish punk movement during the Troubles. She enjoys social and cultural history, such as the Suffragette movement, US Civil Rights and the history of Ireland. She particularly likes teaching the Crime and Punishment course at GCSE. In her spare time she volunteers at cats protection, feeding and looking after homeless cats.

Miss Lyons has been teaching History at The Angmering School since 2010. She has always loved the subject, and has a passion for making History resonate with young people today. Miss Lyons' degree is actually in Ancient History (something not taught here) and within this period her favourite is Hellenistic art and literature - the ancient Greek myths and allegory within them. However, Miss Lyons enjoys all eras of history - with a particular interest in political history within any context. She enjoys thematic history, looking at strands of concepts that interweave to form a chronological context, that changes over time, and between societies & cultures. As many will know, Miss Lyons has a fond spot for radicals - Rosa Luxemberg, Che Guevara, Sylvia Pankhurst, Ellen Wilkinson, Angela Davis and Malcolm X all being amongst the invites to her perfect dinner party!

Mr. Gibbons has been teaching History at the Angmering School since 2016. He has a BA degree in History from the University of Sussex, specialising in 20th century History. His particular areas of interest include the USSR, Yugoslavia and WW1.

Mr. Spicer likes to see himself as the superhero and relic of the History Department having studied politics at university a very long time ago. He has since spent thirty serendipitous years teaching history. He has a fine selection of V-neck jumpers and the period of history he finds most horribly fascinating would be the Roman Republic and Empire. His favourite historical figure is Dennis Bergkamp.

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