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KS5 - History

KS5 History offers a range of interesting modules for our history students to develop their historical skills and prepare them for university or life after college.

In Search of the American Dream

In this module which is worth 30% of the History A-level students study the USA between 1917-96. The module covers the changing environment of Presidents and the impact of war; the quest for Civil Rights; Society and culture in change and the changing quality of life. It also studies Reagan as a historical interpretation

South Africa: 1948-94 From Apartheid State to Rainbow Nation.

Ever wondered who Nelson Mandela was or what he did? This looks at life in South Africa and the resistance to apartheid; the radicalisation of the National Party; Challenges to racist rule and the end of apartheid.

Poverty, Public Health and the State of Britain

 This option gives students the opportunity to explore two of the major social problems that arose from industrialisation and urbanisation: poverty and public health, and the ways in which the state gradually took control of the situation, involving a considerable change in attitudes amongst the general public.

Coursework Module- Were Ordinary Germans responsible for the Holocaust?

In the coursework module that we study here at Angmering we investigate who should be held responsible for the Holocaust. Worth 20% of the final mark, students need to study content on this period and then carry out an independently researched enquiry which focuses on analysing and evaluating historical interpretations. It is a controversial topic and one that students enjoy researching. The coursework element is a great way to prepare students for university as it enables them to research and write their findings independently. 

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