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KS3 Learning Zone

Year 7

  • Medieval Realms

BBC Bitesize guide to Medieval England

The Battle of Hastings

Life in the Medieval countryside 

Medieval churches

The Magna Carta

The Black Death

  • Medicine Through Time

BBC Bitesize guide to Medicine Through Time

The Otzi mystery

 The Tudors

BBC Bitesize guide to the Tudors 

Horrible Histories the Tudors

Find out about the Tudors

Year 8

  • The Slave Trade

BBC Bitesize guide to Slavery

British slave trade

  • The Civil Rights Movement

BBC Bitesize guide to the Civil Rights Movement

The life of Martin Luther King jr

Rosa Parks and the Montgomery bus boycott

Bob Dylan- Emmett Till

  • The Industrial Revolution

BBC Bitesize guide to the Industrial Revolution

The industrial Revolution

  • The First World War

BBC Bitesize guide to WW1

The Causes of WW1

Imperial War museum- Battles of WW1

WW1 Uncut series with Dan Snow

The end of WW1

The Great War- WW1 in real time

The Treaty of Versailles

  • Jack the Ripper

Hallie Rubenhold article about her book ‘Five’

BBC Bitesize Jack the Ripper

Year 9 

  • The Troubles in Northern Ireland

BBC Bitesize guide to the Troubles

Overview of the Troubles

Spotlight on the Troubles- remembering the troubles 50 years on 

  • Hitler’s Rise to Power in Nazi Germany

BBC Bitesize clips on Hitler’s rise to power

Hitler the Rise of evil part 1

Hitler the Rise of evil part 2 

  • The Holocaust

BBC bitesize guide to the Holocaust

Newsround Holocaust programme 

Children of the Holocaust

  • Crime and Punishment between the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period

BBC Bitesize guide to Crime and Punishment

Tony Robinson documentary on Crime and Punishment in the Middle Ages

 Trial by ordeal

Revision lessons Crime and Punishment- Anglo Saxons 

Revision lessons Crime and Punishment- Normans 

Revision lessons - Early modern period

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