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Examination Board:  OCR     Course Number: J384

What is the course about?

We will be studying OCR Geography B specification - Geography for Enquiring Minds. This has been designed to ensure that all students are able to answer some of the big questions in the world today such as ‘How can weather be hazardous?’, ‘Why should tropical rainforests matter to us?’ and ‘Can we feed nine billion people by 2050?’ This enquiry based specification allows you to engage in all aspects of Geography and ensure that you are able to link your studies to the world around you.

What skills and ideas will I learn?

The course has been designed to develop a wide range of practical, technical, intellectual, social and communication skills; the ability to observe, collect, interpret, analyse, evaluate and communicate geographical information.  These include map work, fieldwork and the use of IT.                 

How is the course assessed?

Students will sit 3 exams at the end of year 11:

Our Natural World - 1 hour 15 minutes and worth 35% of the GCSE. This exam will cover all of the knowledge relating to your studies in different physical Geography topics.

People and Society- 1 hour 15 minutes and worth 35% of the GCSE. This exam will cover all of the knowledge relating to the Human Geography elements of the course.

Geographical Exploration - 1 hour 30 minutes and worth 30% of the GCSE. This exam will allow you to demonstrate your geographical skills and ability to interpret data, which you will be practising throughout the course.

What will the course allow me to progress to in the future?

GCSE Geography can lead to A-Level Geography and will link well to a range of other A-Level courses in which you may be interested.  This can lead you into university or to a wide range of jobs with Geography graduates amongst the most employable due to their ability to combine adaptability with specialist knowledge.

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