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KS4 English - GCSE English Language and English Literature

What is the course about?
Examination Board: AQA    Course Code  for Literature: 8702 -  601/4447/6
Course Code for Language:  8700 - 601/4292/3

Students will follow the AQA English Language and English Literature GCSE courses. These offer you a wide choice of reading, writing and speaking opportunities and include Shakespeare, Literary Heritage texts, and poetry.   All students will be entered for both English Language and English Literature GCSEs. These are taught separately and lead to two GCSEs, which are designed to follow the requirements of the National Curriculum. They are taught as independent subjects, almost certainly with a different teacher for each GCSE.

What skills and ideas will I learn?
You will be given opportunities to develop and demonstrate your skills and abilities to understand and produce non-fiction texts; understand spoken and written texts and write creatively; understand how to present, discuss, listen and role-play appropriately in speaking and listening activities.  You will be given opportunities, both in detailed study of some literary texts and in wider reading, to develop and demonstrate your skills and abilities in this area.

How is the course assessed?
All assessment for both GCSEs is now through final examination at the end of Year 11. However, all students will be required to take routine assessments throughout the two year course, which will allow students, parents and teachers to monitor progress.

What will the course allow me to progress to in the future?
Above all, English is the way in which you communicate and the way in which you understand the world.  The course gives you opportunities to develop your skills and your understanding in a way that, given your commitment to work, is stimulating and enjoyable. A measure of the success in English at Angmering is the enthusiasm of students, many of whom will go on to read English Language, English Literature and Media Studies at  A-level in Years 12/13. If you wish to do this, you should be aiming to achieve a grade 6 or above.

A GCSE in English Language or Literature is seen as a minimum requirement for most jobs and courses, with particular emphasis being placed upon the minimum achievement of grade 4. All students who do not achieve a grade 4 have to continue to study for a qualification in English post-16 whether they are in work, education or training. 

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