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Year 8 - Design & Technology

What are the key features of the programmes of study?

Students learn about all aspects of the design process from generating and modelling innovative ideas, to making and evaluating products and considering the work of professional designers. At Key Stage 3, they develop their knowledge, skills and understanding through a range of design & make projects. By the end of Key Stage 3 (Year 9), all students will have developed a range of skills in each of the Design & Technology areas, Food Technology, Engineering, Graphic Products and Product Design.

What will my child study in Year 8?

Students are taught modules as part of a carousel system in a range of technology areas: Engineering, Graphic Products, Textiles, Product Design and Food Technology. 3hrs per fortnight for 1/5 of the year.

  • Mechanical / linkage toy
  • Candle Holder
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Food projects

What homework and enrichment opportunities will my child have?

We set an average of one homework in each area every two weeks within the carousel.

How is my child assessed?

Students are assessed against a series of standards related to potential GCSE grades. This happens at the end of each Technology module. They are awarded an effort grade and given a written target to encourage smooth transition and progress between Technology areas. Interim reports are produced three times a year. Home learning is also graded.
How are the groups organised?

Groups are all mixed ability.

What equipment is needed?

We do ask for a contribution towards the cost of Design and Technology materials in KS3 other than in Food Technology where students pay for ingredients for practical lessons via Parent Pay. In return, students can keep any practical work that they make.


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