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We have a strong tradition of supporting student wellbeing through the curriculum and the student services team. Our core values of ambition, respect and courage underpin all that we do. We have a team of non-teaching staff who support students in their day to day wellbeing and refer students and families to outside agency support where needed.There is also a dedicated student support area within the school where we offer targeted support and intervention in school where possible.  

As part of our role as adults in this school we want to ensure that all of our young people know a member of staff they can talk to if they are worried about something, for example this could be to do with their learning or friendships. Every year we ask students who these 2 members of staff would be. 



Wellbeing is supported by a programme of Health lessons delivered across the key stage by science teachers. Wellbeing issues are also discussed in assemblies and START activities. Aspects are also explored in KS3 perspectives.


Students have a Health module in both year 10 and 11  as part of the Insight programme taught by specialist teachers.

The Health lessons include Relationship and Sex Education (RSE). Parents are informed by email when these lessons will take place and the details of the lesson content. N.B. The new statutory curriculum for RSE will be updated for September 2020. 

RSE programme KS3 and KS4 is embedded within the RSE Policy 2020 

Do you need advice or support?  Contact the School Nurse via Sussex Chathealth


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