Thinking of Others

Jennifer Lynch 10RL had her hair cut and donated it to the Little Princess Trust, to be made into wigs for children that have lost their hair to cancer treatment & other illnesses. Jennifer herself suffers from a progressive disorder, Wolfram Syndrome, causing type 1 Diabetes, Diabetes Insipidus (diabetes of the bladder & kidneys), vision […]

KS3 Angmering School Food Technology lessons

These letters have been sent home to parents: PS134 Year 7 Letter to Parents Ingredients APR PS135 Year 8 Letter to Parents Ingredients APR PS136 Year 9 Letter to Parents Ingredients APR  

Science Club’s Ecology Project

Science club is getting involved in another Ecology project. After taking part in the Citizen Science Penguin Watch we would like to tell you about the Great Eggcase Hunt. At least 16 species of skate and ray, and 30 species of Shark are found in the UK coastal waters. Some of these reproduce by laying eggcases […]

The L & S Youth

On Sunday 26th March our Youth Dance Company ‘The L & S Youth’, were selected to perform at the U.Dance regional heats as part of the ‘Hosted’ platform, in conjunction with ‘One Dance’ South East Dance and ‘Penny and Jules’ Dance Company. The students performed their piece ‘Wide Awake’, which explores the concept of ‘Fatal […]