Primary School Scientists Having Fun With Us

30 Year 4,5 and 6 children from local Primary schools spent the day in the Science department. They started off designing fireworks. This involved carrying out flame tests using Bunsen burners and looking at reactions of magnesium and iron filings. They used the microscopes to examine cheek cells and onion cells and had fun in […]

Inter Tutor Sport Rankings

After the first series of events for inter tutor sport the current year group rankings are: Year 7: 1st – GN 42 pts 2nd – TW 36 pts 3rd – MB 34 pts 4th – JN 31 pts 5th – RW 28 pts 6th – AM 27 pts 7th – CB 26 pts 8th – […]

Change of Day Timings on Tuesday 3 May

Please note we will be changing the day timings on Tuesday 3rd May for exams.  It will be a 2:1:2 day which means lunch and period 4 will swap.  Please see the times below.  This is just for one day but please note we will revert to these timings for the exam period 17 May […]

Angmering Year 8 Unlucky In National Final 8

It was a frustratingly slow journey to Brentwood last week for the year 8 boys as they set to face St Martins School in the National quarter finals. The game was delayed slightly due to the traffic and maybe Angmering were still feeling the drive as after Fynn Gilham scored the opening basket of the […]