Weekly Maths Challenge 25

How did you get on with our Maths Challenge 24?  The answer is below.  Why not try  Maths Challenge 25?

Weekly Challenge Question: Week 27

A great selection of responses to last weeks’ question. Good luck for this week’s challenge!

Word of the Week : Bravado

Bravado Noun A bold manner or a show of boldness intended to impress or intimidate. “She possesses none of the classic wheeler-dealer’s casual bravado” “Despite all his bravado, he was actually a very sensitive man” synonyms: boldness, bold   manner, swagger, swaggering, bluster, swashbuckling; machismo; boasting, boastfulness, bragging, bombast; informal showing off   Etymology: late 16th cent.: from Spanish bravada, from bravo ‘bold’ (see brave, -ado). Foreign Translations: […]

Get Caught Reading

Congratulations Stephen Merridue 9TM you are the winner of the ‘get caught reading’ competition for week 26.

History Department Trip to Krakow, Poland

The History department is pleased to offer an exciting opportunity for prospective, and current, year 12 students to attend a residential trip to Krakow, Poland, on Thursday 27th to Saturday 29th November, 2014.  We will be travelling with Voyager School Travel (www.voyagerschooltravel.com). The cost of the trip, based on a party of 30 students, will […]