“Building confidence and nurturing creativity”

Music helps to develop skills for life.

Not only does it develop and nurture musicianship skills, music also improves learning skills, fosters team working, encourages better behaviour and boosts social development.

The music department is passionate about giving an excellent music education that forms a strong grounding of skills that students can continue to nurture and develop throughout the key stages, into further education and beyond. To do this we incorporate four strands of learning: performing, composing, listening and appraising. It is important that students can relate their understanding of music with their own musical preferences, as well as develop an appreciation of musical genres outside their everyday experiences. We do this by providing practical experiences in a wide variety of genres, from club dance to film music, salsa and ground bass to name but a few. More detailed information on the topics covered can be found in the music section of the key stage guides.

It is important that student’s have the opportunity to extend their musical experiences outside the classroom. We have peripatetic teachers who offer instrumental lessons in one-to-one, paired or small group sessions once a week. For more information, or for an application form, please call in to reception. We also run clubs during lunchtimes and after school and we are dedicated to providing quality performance opportunities in our ‘Music Mania’ concerts.

There are two members of staff teaching lessons and running clubs. Mrs Crocker  and Mr Godsmark.   There are also seven peripatetic teachers working with them teaching instrumental lessons.

‘Band Shack’ and ‘Blue Monkeys’ are clubs run by Mr Godsmark. Band shack is for the budding band artist, and ‘Blue Monkeys’ is a jazz group for students with some prior experience. Mrs Crocker runs ‘Vocalise’, a dedicated singing group and takes part in a joint performing arts club with dance and drama. Both staff are also dedicated to supporting individual students in further developing their music skills, and as part of this they run GCSE clubs and support student’s learning during lunchtimes when practice rooms can be used.

The music department values student’s involvement, their commitment in producing high quality work and in supporting each other as peers. We have ‘musicianship’ and ‘music ambassador’ awards to celebrate this. We have almost 100 students proudly wearing their badges from over the last two years.


Music Clubs

Instrumental and Vocal Lessons