Geography is an ever changing subject and one which will affect your children’s lives as they grow into adults and begin their careers.

The phrase ‘Geography is everywhere’ is one that is often used, but equally it is also a statement that is very relevant. Throughout their time at Angmering your child will study elements of Geography from across the world and be introduced to ideas and concepts which are engaging and fascinating.

The Geography department at Angmering is a thriving and successful area of the school. The department has consistently demonstrated excellent results at KS3, GCSE and A level which have been considerably above the school’s overall results. The Geography department consists of five teachers; Mrs Knox  (Subject Leader);  Mrs Thompson; Mrs Butten, Ms Hughes  and Mr Ritchie. Every member of the department is a qualified Geography specialist and possesses a wealth of experience in teaching at all levels and in a range of contexts. The Geography department has also been awarded the ‘Secondary Geography Quality Mark’ by the Geographical Association, in recognition of the standards of teaching and rates of pupil progress that are present. In addition the department was rated as ‘Good with outstanding’ features, with ‘Outstanding’ leadership by Ofsted during their subject inspection of October 2011.

Geography at Angmering is an expanding subject and one which is continuing to grow in terms of the wealth of experiences that are offered as well as the number of pupils who choose to study it. Currently there are over 100 students studying GCSE Geography in both Year 10 and 11 and Geography A level has consistently been one of the largest student cohorts in the school. The Geography department also offers a wide range of opportunities outside of the classroom. These range from residential fieldtrips to Barcelona, the Bay of Naples and the Isle of Wight to one-day fieldtrips to Shoreham, the Lymington River and West Wittering.

In the classroom Geography is taught in a way, which is very different to what you may have experienced as parents/carers. The modern Geography curriculum is focused upon the way in which people interact with the world and the impacts (positive and negative) that this can have. Whilst pupils will continue to study more ‘traditional’ Geography topics such as river processes and plate tectonics, pupils will also engage with topics such as the Geography of Crime and the Globalisation of Fashion. Please refer to the Geography Key Stage guides for further information relating to the content of Key Stage 3, 4 and 5. The Geography department is also keen to engage pupils by using different teaching techniques and strategies. Throughout their Geography lessons pupils will use a range of resources including ICT and Ipads as well as materials from a range of sources including governments and charities. As part of their studies pupils will participate in group work and individual tasks as well as develop their presentation skills through a range of topics including being a ‘weather presenter’ for a day.

The Geography department strongly believes in the future of Geography and its relevance and importance to your child. We also believe that your child will be given the opportunities to be very successful and thrive at Geography throughout their time at Angmering.