RAF Roadshow

Wednesday this week brought the RAF Ambassadors to The Angmering School for years 8 and 9. The RAF came in with a ‘BANG’ telling the students about the fifty four different roles that you could have within the RAF from pilots, engineering to being a doctor or a chef. They highlighted that 10% of the engineering team was filled by females and that in the Red Arrows there has also been female pilots, so it is not just a male role in the RAF.

Students were then dazzled by the drone as it was flown around the hall with precision using just an iPad showing off what it can be used for such as face or car licence plate recognition. It was also shown how someone can override the computer system and a drone can be taken over. They showed a video of how birds in the Netherlands are being taught to take down all types of drones whether it be a toy drone or one that the paparazzi use to get photos of celebrities.

The students then learnt the RAF ambassador dance about the ‘Four Forces’ Lift, Weight, Thrust and Drag. All having a good time giggling at the dance they have just learnt and watching the teachers join in too!

The RAF Ambassadors then brought out a headset that had VR included that they use. Students where challenged to explain why they have these head sets in the RAF and great answers where given such as training pilots, piloting drones in to combat and to help build planes.

The RAF Ambassadors ended the sessions with showing the students jet engines and the power that is needed for planes to take off and fly from one place to another.

Both year groups gave an amazing round of applause for the RAF Ambassadors who in turn said that The Angmering School students have been the most welcoming and willing students they have met.