Primary School Science Fair

5 local primary schools came to us for their science fair.  Their experiments included which biscuit is the best dunker and how have is gas in lemonade.  Everyone had a good time.

Oakley Leeves 7ABA

It was really interesting to see such young children excited about science.  It was a great experience to be able to help teach and show them new things.  There were lots of experiments including measuring carbon dioxide in lemonade and an electricity board game.  We would love to experience this again and show them Miss Riggs’ jelly babies experiment which would make the crowd go wild!

Lea and Phoebe 7ABA

The science fair was extremely fun and exciting.  5 of our locality schools took part – St Margaret’s CofE Primary School, St Wilfrid’s Catholic Primary School, St John the Baptist CofE Primary School, Ferring C of E Primary School and Georgian Gardens Community Primary School.  They each showed a display about the science they have been studying their schools.  There were a range of experiments including making towers with dry pasta. All in all it was amazing!

Richard Randall 7ABA

Five local primary schools came to our school and brought projects for the science fair.  It was a great experience to see the school’s creations and the activities we were able to take part in and watch.

Sophie 7ABA

Five local primary schools came and displayed their science experiments.  Georgian Gardens School built towers out of spaghetti, wood, paper, cardboard and straws.  St John the Baptist school demonstrated circuits.

Heidi Ginnaw 7ABA