To ensure the safety and wellbeing of students we use a texting system for the first day of a student’s absence. We do urge parents to call early in the day on any occasion their child/children will be absent and not wait for the automated system to contact them. We also use Sims in Touch which enables us to inform parents via email and texting.

Please be aware that the Government have changed the regulations and we are not allowed to approve holidays in the school year except in exceptional circumstances. They will be marked as an unauthorised absence so you will be at risk of being issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice fine.


For children with long term illness or frequent illness, medical evidence will need to be seen from your GP.

Remember good attendance results in achievement so try to get as near to 100% as possible.

Year Group Year Team Assistant Direct Dial Numbers Extension Numbers
Year 7 Mrs Denise Brown Tel 778329 329
Year 8 Mrs Sarah Bowler Tel 778323 323
Year 9 Mrs Kirsty Bishenden &
Mrs Rebecca Ward
Tel 778392 392
Year 10 Mrs Julie McCluskey Tel  778318 318
Year 11 Mrs  Michelle Driscoll Tel 778354 354
Year 12 and 13 Mrs Babs Harrington 01903 778391 391