Angmering are at the top of the table!

Dear Parents/Carers

Sixth Form Progress Scores Released by DfE (2017 data)

We are delighted to announce that the Department for Education (DfE) have now released the performance data for sixth form colleges and school sixth forms from 2017. The data gives a clear indication of the progress made by students between completing their GCSE courses and completing their Level 3 courses at aged 18/19. The table below shows the progress scores for a range of local providers:

Progress Score Average Grade (at A Level)
1 The Angmering Sixth Form 0.21 C
2 Shoreham Academy 0.20 C-
3 The Littlehampton Academy 0.07 C-
4 Bishop Luffa 0.04 B-
5 Chichester High School -0.05 C+
6 Felpham Community College -0.08 C
7 Worthing College -0.10 C+
8 Steyning Grammar School -0.17 C+
9 Chichester College -0.20 C
10 Sir Robert Woodard Academy -0.53 D+


N.B. A positive progress score indicates that students made better progress than similar students nationally.

We are obviously delighted to be placed FIRST in this table for progress, demonstrating that our students made more progress than those attending any of the other local providers. This data reflects the outcomes for the students who completed their Level 3 courses in 2017. Our current forecast data (for 2018) shows that we will achieve similar outcomes again, and we therefore hope to top the tables in 2018 too!

We hope that this data is useful to you. Should you have any questions about this, or want to know more about our sixth form provision generally please contact either Lou Barker (Sixth Form Manager) or Tony Kerrison (Head of Sixth Form) via the following emails:

Yours faithfully,
Simon Liley